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From safety on the water, transporting The Hardware Distillery's barrel of Dill Aquavit and booking Lady Alderbrook's spectator cruise - Fjordin Crossin has the best waterfront team a community could ask for. Thank you to our Captains, friends at YSS Dive and Alderbrook Resort & Spa for making our Scandinavian festival a success on the shores of Hood Canal. Here's to another year of celebrations.


Cheers from Jan & Kerry!


YSS Dive - Hoodsport, WA 

Thank you YSS Dive for making sure all of our Paddle the Canal participants are safe and having fun on the water. We appreciate the captains and diving staff for supporting the this year's Fjordin Crossin. How cool is it to have their amazing boats on Hood Canal - we are honored! To learn more about YSS Dive, its chartered cruises, diving instruction services and merchandise click the link below. We look forward to your support! 


Lady Alderbrook - Spectator Cruise

Want to be a Fjordin Crossin spectator, drink signature Dill Aquavit cocktails and take in amazing views from a chartered cruise? Enjoy this 2+ hour round trip excursion departing from Alderbrook Resort & Spa's dock. Advanced tickets are $65 per person. We suggest you dress up in Scandinavian theme to cheer on the participants! For more information and to book this cruise click here. Boarding time is 12PM.

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